Thursday, November 6, 2008

Autumn break recap

Let's recap the action that went down over and in the infamous F-bay waters last week!

Me and MiniCal had another session together - very similar to the one in my last report - which resulted in a few more nice moves, but nothing too radical. The cool thing, though, was that the forecast was wrong yet again, and we got a full day of surfing istead of just a short morning session. Sweet!

On wednesday there was supposed to be no wind at all. But I didn't loose faith in the local thermal effects, which appears randomly and occationally produce the sickest conditions for freestyle. On these rare days, you will have the whole playground to yourself. I think this will have to be covered properly in a chronicle later on. Stay tuned on that one!

Anyways, I got on the water alone, expecting to get enough wind from S-SW for a Gecko-session (the Hawk!). But as I launced I got planing right away (full power 5.3) and pulled of the sickest spock 540. I have to start trying doubles soon! On the way in, I nailed a good E-slider, and got the feeling you always search for; whether you windsurf or play basketball or whatever.

I was in the ZONE! Click: Flaka on the way out. Clack: E-slider going in. Pow: Grubby on the way out. I was on top of the world, but was just as suddenly as I got there I knocked down to ground zero again.

From here I was just sailing with a smile stretching from ear to ear, throughout the whole session, wich by the way lasted for 4(!) hours. It was really one of those day where nothing can put you down.

After some 2.5 hours of E-sliders and Flakas, I was going out, and caught the feeling of wanting to go for something radical; so I went downwind and tried to get as much power and speed as possible, found a chop, and just let it fly. I crashed my first Forward! I was out of my mind with exitement, gathered my speed and went for another one. Nice rotation, but no luch yet.

On the way in I went switch and tried a Switch-Chachoo (a move that I have only completed ONCE) with full power in the sail, which is another first for me, as I only try them underpowered otherwise. I got so close, and told myself: "One more Forward, and then you focus 100 procent on that god damn Sw-Chachoo.

There is not much to say about my last forward of the session, but I will tell you that I went for a huge chop upwind, and just slammed it sooo hard. No pain, no gain. Haha.

After this I went over to the flattest part of the bay, to really maximize my chance of success. Then I just tried it, tried it, and tried it. I got closer all the time, until it finally happend; I changed my feet to Switch-stance, jumped the board, ducked the sail, and just slid the whole 540 so effortlessly that it felt ridiculous. Switch-fucking-Chachoo! Man was I stoked!

I celebrated by breaking out the most brutal spock ever, followed by taking a freeride trip to the the small islands nereby. I was just singning and dancing and enjoying the sick colors from the perfect sunset. This is truly one of those epic days that will be remembered, and told stories of, for a long time to come.

Sunset in da hood

Sick week, sick ending!

Peace and love, Straight outta Fiskebäck


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