Monday, October 27, 2008

Autumn break!

Me and Calle are currently free of all responsibilities; work, study and other worries are matters one whole week away. Fortunately the forcasts are also looking really good for this week, and we are maximum stoked for several days of nothing but sick freestyling at home base.

Today was the first session, with quite good - and seriously cold - conditions. 5.3 was enough to get on with the practice for the new moves, even though the gusty SW winds were pissing us of badly every now and then.

The main moves today were E-sliders and Flakas. Even though I've been doing both tricks for a while now, I wanted to add a little more style and flow. I got some really fast Flakas and a few sweet E-sliders, where I got the sail underneath me and pulled the clew through the wind after the rotation was completed. Sticking to just one move until it's right in the pocket is key to making things work is the big realisation of today.

Enough talk. I thought you would enjoy a couple of pics from back in the days, so that'll be the feature of today.

Mr Cal, Volcano anno. 2006

Håkman, first Volcano anno. 2006

MiniCalle, mid-winter sailspinning anno. 2007

Håkman, summer stylin' anno. 2006

That's that! I'll bring the camera to the hood tomorrow, so let's hope for some good conditions to throw it down in.



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