Sunday, October 26, 2008

ATTENTION! Brand new move: The Hawk!

What better way to celebrate the release, than to annonce that a completely new freestyle move has been created today by yours truly: The Hawk.

Me and MiniCalle - my local partner, who by the way is only 17 years old - were doing ok home base in the marginal SW 5.3 winds, throwing some switch stuff in the gusts and mainly just messing around with geckos. I felt like going for a really high gecko right in front of him, and initiated the move too hard, which got me really vertical. I tried to save the move half way by sheeting out, which got me even higher, stopped the rotation and flipped me 180 in reverse onto my back, at the same time as the downward pull on the boom created a huge lift (like in a kono).

Anyway, Calle got crazy and was like "What the fuck was that?!?! That was sick! Do it again!", so I went for another one and nailed it clean. The rest of the session I got better and better at getting hight and tweaking the board, and finally managed to get the whole board flying with a sick stomp at the end.

We figured a move this revolutionary had to have a name, and thus it was named The Hawk, which I think is a suitable name as it basically is the only lightwind move that enables the rider to get completely airborn in non-planing winds.

For those of you who can't picture the move, think of it as a tweaked gecko-tabletop finished kono style.

Stay tuned for pictures and videos.


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Jonas A said...

Vi vill se bilder! Låter ap-coolt!